Community WordPress Theme – Redesign

Redesign the BuddyX Pro Community WordPress theme powered by BuddyPress or BuddyBoss platform, and compatible with LearnDash, LearnPress, WooCommerce, WCVenders, RT Media and BB Press



Started with analyzing the BuddyPress and BuddyBoss platforms for new features and updates. Analyse compatibility of other plugins i.e. LearnDash, LearnPress, WooCommerce, WCVenders, RT Media, BB Press and others.


Interviewed the stakeholder, reviewed all existing features, discussed the scope of new features and sat the product design goals.


Created a mini design system in Figma. Created nav-menus, common widgets and components. Started UI design with BuddyPress and BuddyBoss platforms. Completed UI design with all compatible platforms.


Arranged a marathon session to review all UI design according to all platforms. Defined new changes in collaboration with testing team, iterated all new changes and submitted to testing team and development team to review. After received and completed final changes, handed over all deliverables to the development team.

Components and Widgets

Create re-usable components and all widgets

Community UI design

Create mockups of all pages according to BuddyPress and BuddyBoss platform


Mockups of all pages according to LearnDash platform


Mockups according to Woocommerce

Blog Layouts

Blog listing and details page layouts


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