Social Educational Platform for Educators and Learners

A social educational platform that helps educators to create courses in a flexible way and helps learners to access free and paid courses in a more convenient way.


Started with analyzing the similar type of platform’s interfaces and user flows, listing out overall user experience.

Interviewed the stakeholder and sat the product design goals.

Created a mini design system in Figma. Created wireframes of user flow and converted them into mockups, created interactive prototypes from all mockups and submitted them to the testing team.

Created UI design, Iterated new changes found during testing by the testing team. After received and completed final changes, handed over the all deliverables to the development team.


Started with wireframes as per core ideas proposed by client. Create sitemaps and user flows in Miro for the front-end website.

Mini Design System

Create a mini design system in Figma for the entire project.

UI design for website

Create mockups of the landing page, course and search listing, course details, instructor landing page, profile page and blog according to wireframes.

User flow and UI design for admin panel

Create user flow for the back-end admin panel as per the wireframe provided by the client.


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